Upon successful completion of the programme, a graduate will be able to:
■ Explain the concepts behind the methods of calculus, analysis, linear algebra, differential equations, and numerical analysis
■ Illustrate a range of simple and more advanced methods for analysing statistical data, including time series and multivariate data
■ Assemble relevant information for mathematical arguments and proofs, and/or judgment in selecting and applying a wide range of mathematical tools and Techniques
■ Describe probability models and carry out statistical inference, including in particular methods for linear and generalised linear models, and Bayesian
■ Carry out mathematical and statistical manipulation and calculation, using a computer package
■ Construct appropriate mathematical and statistical arguments of their own and reason with abstract concepts
■ Create (from both theoretical and real-life problems) appropriate mathematical and statistical models to solve and draw justifiable inferences

Bachelor Honours in Mathematics & Statistics (4 Years)

Normal Entry
At least two Advanced Level passes including Mathematics or its recognized equivalence (Mechanics, Statistics, Pure Mathematics) plus at least five Ordinary Level passes/ National Foundation Certificates including Mathematics and English Language OR National Certificate (NC)

Special Entry
Applicants with National Diploma (ND), or Higher NationalDiploma (HND) in a relevant area will be considered.

Mature Entry:
5 ‘O’ level passes including Mathematics and Science and at least 25 years of age with at least 5 years relevant work experience.

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