Gwanda State University, spanning two campuses, stands as a beacon of academic excellence. The primary campus, sprawling across 87 acres in Gwanda town along Bulawayo-Beitbridge Highway, and an additional site at Epoch Mine in Filabusi, showcase the institution’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for teaching and learning. Established in 2016 by an Act of parliament (Chapter 25:30), the university’s roots trace back to 2015 when it functioned as a College of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Envisioned in line with government policy to establish a state university in each province, Gwanda State University has embraced a unique mandate. Positioned in Matabeleland South, the institution specializes in animal and veterinary sciences, irrigation engineering and management, mining engineering, environmental engineering, and ecosystems restoration. This strategic alignment with the natural endowments of its geographical location reflects the university’s commitment to fostering expertise in crucial fields.

With its establishment, Gwanda State University plays a pivotal role in regional development, contributing to the intellectual growth and practical solutions needed in the province. The institution’s journey reflects a dedication to academic distinction and innovation, providing students with a transformative educational experience across both campuses.


Epoch Mine Campus Concept Masterplan

Gwanda Campus Concept Master Plan

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