Nurture Imvelo Trust in conjunction with Gwanda State University conducted a seminar that sought
to address issues on animal welfare and biodiversity conservation inquest to push towards an
improved animal welfare status in the communities.
Students and staff members from the Faculty of Natural Resources Management and Agriculture had
an opportunity to be educated on conservation of biodiversity as well as sustainable use of natural
resources so as to allow for better conservation strategy boosting community beneficiation.
Founded in 2021 (Nurture Imvelo Trust), the organisation focuses on wild, farmed and companion
animal welfare, ensuring that  animals and humans live together peacefully in a fair and just
environment as there is a link amongst these three (One Health).
The organisation advocates for improved animal welfare and biodiversity conservation, and carries
out research on different animal welfare issues in the country seeking to educate communities on
various strategies that could be employed in improving animal welfare and nurturing nature.