Welcome to the Faculty of Exploration and Earth Sciences. We are grateful that you have made a great choice of joining GSU and be part of an expanded field concerned with activities on the earth and the associated processes. The Faculty will be known for sustainable techniques in the exploitation of natural resources. Departments in the Faculty explore resources that are focused on our dynamic planet and earth systems. We study a variety of processes from the science of earthquakes, to what makes big waves, to the anatomy of a volcano, use these resources to explore natural phenomena and the science behind how they work.

Our Faculty includes academic leaders in the latest science, research, innovation, and teaching in their fields. Our collaborative and highly interdisciplinary faculty are dedicated to advancing scholarship, discovery, research, and science in Exploration and Earth science, encompassing the vast fields of geography and environmental science, geological sciences, geophysics planetary science, geomatics and surveying, biogeochemistry, cosmology, and astrophysics for a new era of exploration.

Exploration and Earth Sciences degree at GSU prepares students with the skills to engage in some of the most challenging problems, such as responsible exploration for and extraction and use of natural resources, understanding consequences of global climate change, and reducing human suffering and property loss from natural hazards.

In the integrated curriculum of GSU’s Faculty of Exploration and Earth Sciences, students will explore and understand the Earth’s processes.  Along the way, students will have unbeatable opportunities to experience the latest science and technology. With GSU academics as your mentors, students can even conduct their own research.

By choosing the degrees in this Faculty, students will be inspired to make a difference in their world to address challenges of global change, responsible use of geologic and water resources, and reducing human suffering and property loss from natural hazards. Students will get hands-on experience in science labs and teaching programs and work closely with academics who are nationally recognised experts in various topics. Students will also expand their experience through the Faculty’s close ties to sister institutions in the country. Currently the degree programme on offer is as follows.

Department of Geomatics and surveying

Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Geomatics and Surveying


Plans are underway to have more degree programmes under the Faculty.

We look forward in nurturing students to be the best professionals in the fields of exploration and earth sciences.


Welcome to the Faculty

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