The global crises that has adversely impacted the economies of the world at the beginning of the 21sr century necessitated for the evolution of the accounting and finance fields as the two have become intertwined, different sides of the same coin. The role of the accountant is no longer one of just accounting for entity past performance but has evolved to encompass the role of decision maker and corporate leader in the market place. The Accounting programme rightly equips aspiring practitioners with the requisite knowledge and skills for effective and efficient execution of their duties and responsibilities in their respective work commitments. The programme blends the accounting and finance fields to create a balanced graduate, moving away from the traditional specialization in accounting and finance, separately. The provision of industrial attachment for non-practicing candidates creates a platform for blending theory with practice and a foundation for fluid entry into industry upon graduation.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting (4 Years)

Normal Entry
2 A ‘Level passes in Accounting, Economics, Management of Business, Mathematics and any other commercial subject.
Special Entry
A National Diploma in Accounting or equivalent.
Mature Entry
25 years old plus 1 year of relevant experience plus 5 Ordinary Level subjects inclusive of English language and Mathematics. Students who apply for admission under this regulation may be required to attend interviews and /or special selection tests at the university to determine their suitability for admission to the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree program.
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