Bursar Department

The department derives its authority from the Public Finance Management Act (Chapter 22; 19), International reporting standards together with statutory and regulatory provisions. The department is headed by the Bursar who is responsible to the Vice Chancellor .The department is charged with the responsibility of designing and implementing effective systems for management of University financial resources.


To become one of the leading University to provide excellence service to its clients and uphold a culture of regulatory compliance.


The department is committed to provide accurate, reliable and valid financial information to their stakeholders representing a true and fair view of the University through the use of information driven technology.

Core Values

Integrity – honesty and holding high principles for proper conduct.

Equity – equal opportunities. …

Innovativeness – creative thinking.

Accountability – answerability/ responsibility.

Excellence – quality of being outstanding


  • Finance and Investments
  • Creditors control
  • Student accounts
  • Cash office
  • Planning , projects and industrialisation