The Bachelor of Science Honours in Agricultural Economics takes a divergent orientation from the existing programmes offered in institutions of higher learning in the country. The programme has its unique characteristics in terms of targeting a meeting point for knowledge, skills and attitude, thus making it appealing to the demands of modernization and industrialization of agricultural systems. The programme is flexible and targets a wide range of potential students with a passion for blending agricultural economics principles with entrepreneurial competencies for producing goods and services. These students are drawn from various fields including economics, agriculture, sociology and marketing. The inception of the programme idea, its structure and design was informed by multi-stakeholder consultations to get strategic insights into how best its implementation can be in sync with the current and projected future demands of agricultural development. Guided by the networking and having the foundations of the programme being a demand driven initiative, upon completing the degree programme, graduates will be potential job creators in the food and agribusiness sector. They can also take up several critical skills positions within the food sector and greater business industry. Graduates from the programme will be able to efficiently collaborate in multi-disciplinary platforms and manage strategic value chains nodes in various orgarnisations such as NGOs, the government agents and private sector. Specifically career opportunities include positions in banks as agro-portfolio managers or relationship officers, research orgarnisations as project managers or portfolio analysts in high value projects, NGOs as project directors, government agents as regional directors and private consultants. Graduates can also apply the gained knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies for designing models in sub-sectors which feed into agriculture, such as marketing and /or economics.

Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (4 Years)

Normal Entry
Advanced Level Passes in at least two subjects: Economics, Mathematics, Geography, Business Management, Accounts, Biology, Agriculture, Food Science or their recognized equivalent.
Special Entry
National Diploma or Higher National Diploma in Agriculture or a relevant field from recognized institutions.
Mature Entry
At least 25 years of age with a National Certificate in Agriculture or a relevant field and 5 years of working experience in the relevant field.
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