Gwanda State University was established in 2016 through an Act of Parliament and in fulfillment of Government policy of having at least one State University in each of the country’s ten provinces. This vibrant, up and coming higher education institution is located in the Matabeleland South Province of Zimbabwe which is richly endowed with mineral resource and potential for successful dryland farming. In line with the natural endowments of its geographical location, the University’s mandate is “specialisation in animal and veterinary sciences, irrigation engineering and management, mining engineering, environmental engineering and ecosystems restorations.


  • Develop enlightened human capital in line with the Education 5.0 concept.
  • Exploit factor endowment of the Matabeleland South Province environment in line with the University’s mandate.
  • Use ICTs as a principal mode of academic and administrative delivery in line with 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • Be sensitive to gender equity, needs of the people with disability and cultural values.
  • Promote the wellness and physical/emotional well-being of staff and students.


To be a world class centre for learning, research and innovation which proffers solutions to global challenges through value addition, beneficiation and industrialisation by 2030

Core Values

Integrity– honesty and holding high principles for proper conduct

Equity– fairness and impartiality

Innovativeness– creative thinking

Accountability– answerability and responsibility

Excellence– quality of being outstanding

Esprit De Corps– feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by members of Gwanda State University

Ubuntu/Unhu/Botho/Vhuthu/Umntu/Bunhu– social compatibility

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